Attitude is Altitude SEL Curriculum for Schools

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Why AIA Curriculum

Comprehensive Social Emotional Learning
Curriculum for Middle Grades

This free-standing comprehensive SEL curriculum provides a step-by-step approach to empower young people to be successful, achieve their goals and make a positive difference. The Attitude Is Altitude curriculum contains comprehensive classroom resources and an exclusive archive of videos from Nick Vujicic for teachers, parents and students. It is split into three tiers that can be tailored by the teacher to cater to all middle grade learning levels.

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The AIA Curriculum is based on five key competencies including: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

Nick Vujicic’s exclusive and unique videos serve as a guide for parents, students and teachers throughout the entire learning experience.

Structured team activities permeate each lesson to foster deeper and purposeful interactions for students.

Through journalling and surveys, students will be able monitor their SEL growth over time while setting new goals to improve their skills.

Parents are invited to support and participate in the SEL of their student throughout the entire learning experience.

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